Friday, August 7, 2009

Press Start to Join!

I'm doing my best on this blog - I'm still tinkering with the look of it and doing my best to update regularly with attention-grabbing posts. Keeping a blog can be hard work. So I'm pleased to tell you that a friend of mine will be popping in every now to help me tag team this shiz.

One of the primary reasons I'm glad to have him helping out is because he's fresh. By that, I mean that he visited me in Japan this year, but aside from that his experience in J-Land is limited. In other words, he can help provide a less jaded and worn perspective on the Land of the Rising Sun. He'll probably be better at pointing out things I've grown too accustomed to to notice anymore. I look forward to it. Expect a post from him soon.



  1. I look forward to it to...I hear the guy is quite the writer. I hope he uses a different font than yours, though, so we can quickly tell who's writing what. Comic Sans would be cool, except I don't think this website lists that as an option. Perhaps a different color font? Though, he should probably check with you first, to see if you have a color preference.

    Other than that, I wish this mysterious, handsome new contributor good luck.

  2. I think you can use the WYSIWYG post editor in blogger to modify fonts, Jeff. ;b

  3. "Comic Sans" is not one of the choices.

  4. But "edit HTML" is. Mission accomplished!