A note to our readers:

Some of JADJ's content is geared towards Japanese learners or readers of various levels. Although I try to be mindful of this and include some pronunciations and meanings with kanji or Japanese words, I sometimes get lazy or forgetful or just don't want my posts to be too cluttered. For this reason, if you're interested in some of this content but your Japanese isn't quite up to snuff, here are some recommendations:

First of all, you may need to enable Japanese fonts so you are actually seeing Japanese instead of wonky nonsense characters. There are different ways of doing this depending to your browser, but you're usually going to want to go into Options or Settings or Tools and look for "Encoding." Change this to Japanese (Shift_JIS). That'll usually do it, but if not try the other Japanese encoding options and find one that works.

Ok, so now you can see the Japanese. But can you understand it? If not, you may want to try one of these:

Rikaichan is a Firefox add-on that when enabled will allow you to see the reading and meaning of most Japanese words that you hover your mouse over.

Rikaikun is essentially the same thing converted into a Chrome extension.

Denshi Jisho is one of the leading online dictionaries that you can use for looking up individual words or kanji.

ALC is also highly recommended.

Happy reading!