In 2013 I began taking on occasional translation work. I've considered trying to make a career out of it at some point in the future, but for now, I enjoy freelancing now and then so that I can do so at my leisure and not to put bread on the table.

Some of my projects/clients have included:

- COOKPAD (Sample: Japanese Source / English Translation)
- Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia
- Nova Language Solutions

- I've also done some unofficial English support work, such as my English guide to the Japanese mobile game Ambition of the Slimes (credited on App Store/Google Play).

- Certification-wise, I passed the JLPT N2 in 2011.

Translating Resources

If you're interested in translation yourself, there are some places I can point you. I plan to write some more articles about my experiences and general translation advice, so I will add those links here as they pop up. Additionally -

Legends of Localization - The blog of a Japanese>English translator/localizer and video game aficionado. His normal posts on the subtleties of localization in games are quite interesting and his page also sports some great articles about his experience in the industry and advice for aspiring translators.

GITS Blog - Unfortunately this blog has been inactive for quite some time now. The author was another Japanese>English translator and IT junkie who posted about his experiences with translation and programming.

Tofugu - Tofugu is one of the leading English-language Japan blogs out there right now. Not too long ago they posted an ultimate guide to becoming a translator - definitely worth a read.

ProZ - A social networking and job-seeking website for translators. Probably the top site of its kind, as of this writing.

Gengo - A platform that connects translators and clients. Translators must pass one or more tests in order to qualify for work. A good place to gain experience, perhaps, but reportedly not a great forum for career translators due to low rates.


As noted above, I do take on freelance work. If you have a project you think I may be interested, feel free to contact me at

Also feel free contact me if you have any general questions you'd like to ask; I'm a friendly guy.

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