Monday, August 31, 2009

How to lock down a country...?

Hint: It doesn't take an epidemic. Give up? Just conjure up a typhoon.

Ok, I exaggerate, I'm sure. I'm fairly sure some countries fly into Kansai International (hence the "international" part). Yesterday, however, bad weather shut down Tokyo Narita, Japan's main airport. As a result, instead of writing this entry from work or my cozy little apartment, I'm killing some time before checkout at Chicago O'Hare's Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Of course no one is to blame for the weather, but my whole strategy is messed up now. Aside from having to take extra time off work, I have to fly United in an undesired seat. First off, United doesn't offer personal screens and video players to Economy passengers. Instead we are provided with "big projectors with one movie choice." One choice? What - no vote?

Second, when you have a long flight, always request an aisle. That way you can stay hydrated without worrying about having to displace people (who may be sleeping) when you have to empty the tank. Well, this time I was lucky to get a of course it's a window seat, blocked in my not one, but two people. When you fly on the inside of one, you can kind of strategically time your bathroom runs - get up when they do. Two is going to be trickier.

Third, I try to put myself on Tokyo time the night before I head over to Japan, so I didn't sleep a couple nights ago. As a result, but sleeping pattern is kind of messed up - I got 4 hours yesterday afternoon-evening and then another 4 last night. Oi. Work is gonna be fun the next couple days. "Hi, kids - excuse me if I fall asleep on my feet."

Well, hopefully my complaints aren't moot and I'll make it to Japan this time. Wish me luck.

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  1. Do you expect the flight to be crowded? When I went, after final boarding, everyone shuffled around to give each other plenty of space.

    And if that one movie is 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop,'...well...I hope you brought a handheld gaming system. If it's 'Krull'....I hope you brought a parachute.

    : )

    Safe trip! Good luck!