Friday, August 7, 2009

Player Two has entered the game

My name is Jeff, and have been a friend of Paul's for nearly a decade now. In May of 2009, I was able to live one of my dreams, and visit Japan for the first time. Having limited knowledge of the Land of the Rising Sun, I had created a skewered view in my mind of what I thought Japan was all about -- a mystical land where ninja, samurai, and robot dogs roam the streets. Where porn was plentiful, and parking disputes were settled with swordfights. Where I, at 5'9" tall, would be a caucasian giant among men.

Turns out, I was half-right. Certain expectations were met. Still, not a day went by when I wasn't confused, amused, or downright shocked by certain aspects of Japanese society. In the next few decades or so, I'll occasionally pop into the world-renowned, critically acclaimed "Just Another Day in Japan" blog, to share some of these bizzare occurances with you.

But first, a small bit about me (as who we are often shapes the way we perceive things). As mentioned, my name is Jeff, a somewhat long-time friend of Mr. Blue Shoe himself, Paul. Born and raised in NYC, where I've lived all my life, and at the time of this posting, just a few weeks shy of 30. Whereas Paul defines himself as a Catholic, and proud conservative, I am technically Christian, though religion was not much of an issue growing up, and a registered Independant, though I lean to the left. Politics and religion are two topics we tend to tiptoe carefully around, for the sake of our friendship. And while Paul admits to enjoying a tall, frosty libation from time to time, I am proud of my
straight-edge lifestyle, and openly discuss it (or defend it, when necessary).

What we do share, though, is a fondness for video games, a similar sense of humor, and an interest in Japan. I'm happy and honored to be a new contributor to the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Just Another Day in Japan," and hope the millions of Paul's fans enjoy my occasional entries. Until then...konnichiwa!

I mean, sayonara. Give me a's not like I live there, too.


  1. You should totally draw "X's" on your hands, Jeff. It would let everyone know how uber cool you are. I would, but I'm pale, and it'd just look weird.

    And thirty! You're not allowed to be thirty. I remember when you were younger than I am now, sigh.

  2. Heh. Way to open with religion and politics, Jeff. =P

    Pulitzer Prizes, millions of fans...I don't remember exactly what I told you about this blog, but, uh...well...good to have you on board!