Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just another scary bug

I've never been a fan of certain insects...anything that will bite or sting or looks like it may bite or sting. For that matter, I'm not a fan of any animal that will unprovokedly (that may not be a real word, but I'm an English teacher so it is now) and suicidally attack me. I mean, I'm a jillion times bigger than any bug. Attack me if you must, but if you don't haul ass out of there right away afterwards, I'm gonna squash the crapola out of you.

Anyway, one of my least favorite bugs is the wasp. Could be because I was stung in the head by one as a kid, but does one really need a reason like that to hate wasps? Now, wasps in America are an annoyance. In Japan, they are friggin scary. I saw a Japanese hornet for the first time the other day (I've been lucky not to have encountered on up until now) and it scared the crap out of me. Well, until I decided to try to photo it. But it wouldn't stay still, and as it buzzed towards me the fear kicked back in and I beat a retreat back to my apartment.

Moral of the story?

That's not a wasp.

(Photo: Top News)

This is a wasp.


  1. "That's not a knife...
    THIS is a knife."

    There was a Discovery Channel show on these wasps.

    I have observed that many things in Asia grow are bigger than Western counterparts.

  2. Yes, many things in Asia are freakish.

  3. I'm so scared of wasp, and any other insects. (Roach, too in a different way of scary!) I am also worried about that many strange insects come from south east asia or hotter area because of warmer climate...:(

  4. Me too, Kirin. Wasps and roaches are both scary. =(

  5. Oh no! Strange invasive insects from south east Asia! Yes, I agree.