Saturday, April 10, 2010

You, me, and Pocky

There are a lot of Pocky commercials out there, but here are a few from a series that I like. Most of them involve some bad mojo going down, followed by someone singing 「あなたもわたしもポッキ」, which I guess is literally "My and your Pocky." You know, sometimes there's nothing you can do but have a Pocky. And, uh, we're all connected together through the Pocky? I dunno, but the commercials are pretty amusing.

Mom: Here's a snack.

Creepy guy: Hey, you're young, huh!

I think my favorites are the first one and the one where the mom comes in. The expressions on all their faces are priceless. Which do you like?



  1. Hello Paul-san, This is TTH again. I like the first one. Pocky is one of the long run selling choco snacks in Japan. I don't remember when it came out and became so popular... Green box of Pocky is "men' pocky". But I don't understand what is special about it. I used to like Almond Pocky. But I've heard it is no longer available in the market. Which pocky do you like best?

  2. Hey TTH,

    Actually I think I've only tried Men's Pocky and original Pocky. There are a lot of interesting-looking flavors out there, but I don't eat much candy. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

  3. Pocky is one of the few snacks that, if belonging to another and left unattended, I will help myself to.

    Sorry, people. That's just the way it is.

  4. I like the original Pocky best. I currently live in CA/USA. Every time I go back to Japan, I see a lot of new versions of the choco snacks. I cannot catch up with them. I'm Urashima Taro(浦島太郎)I'm excited about what of new products I will see in the supermarkets this summer.

  5. We all know zombies are awesome. But I think this is the first time I've ever seen Japanese zombies, and they seem pretty awesome, too.

    Ettiquite question -- do Japanese zombies bow before or after they eat someone's brains?

  6. TTH - Haha...time warping, aye? =)

    Shadow - I think during, to give them easier access.

  7. I remember seeing some of these on TV. Although these days I see more commercials for Jagariko.