Thursday, April 22, 2010

More beer

I like the part where the snowman's head explodes.


  1. I like the last part that a snowball smashed the dog head.But normally dogs are good at catching balls...
    == Word Play ==
    I still have not come up with any good ones for the answer. Here is new one from me. This is a real conversation made between a little girl and her father(American with no 日本語 skills). A little girl and her father are walking on the street. The little girl sees one brown small "thing" on the street and says "これはxxxxxx' in Japanese. But her father says to her "no, this is not a master broccoli". The girl still keeps saying "これはxxxxx". 
    = QUESTION = What is this brown small "thing" the girl saw on the street? The name of XXXX she said was correct in JP. But the father had no idea what his daughter said about the "thing" To him it sounds like "master broccoli".