Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let's enjoy Japanese: Thankfully

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it. Today's Japanese will be short and sweet. Sometimes, like when writing a reflective blog entry about being grateful to someone, you may be searching for just the right kanji to express your thankfulness. Well, look no further.

Introducing, 感謝 (かんしゃ)。

感謝 is one of those nouns that can be easily verbified by simply adding する to the end. So 感謝する is to thank or be thankful.

For example:

"I'm very grateful to my English teacher."

I hear this one often at mass:

"Thanks be to God."


  1. good japanese lesson, just how I like them, short, sweet and to the point

  2. Thanks, man. I'll remember that next time I'm tempted to ramble as per my usual MO. =)