Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Photo Contest at WIV

Joshua over at the Wide Island View asked me if I wouldn't mind plugging their currently-running Spring Photo Contest. I took a peek at the winners from their winter contest and I must warn you that the competition looks pretty steep - some high quality cameras and photographers in the mix. But entry is free and there are some prizes to be won, so check it out if you like to take photos.

You can find the details here.


  1. You let it slip where you live in. Oh.. I didn't know that...Gomen, X_X;; Yes! I'm a Kansai-jin. BTW the first prize of the photo contest is "Kanji wall paper". すごっ! I want it. But actually I need an English version of it.

  2. No problem - it was my mistake. =)

    Yeah, that poster looks awesome - I actually just ordered one for my wall.

    Haha...don't think you need it, Taeko - looks like your English is really good.