Sunday, March 14, 2010

J-Word Play #8 (Answer)

Our last riddle was: 鈴木さんの好きなものは何でしょうか?(すずきさんのすきなものはなんでしょうか?)


And the answer is...酢(す)! Yes, vinegar!

So our riddle asks "What does Suzuki-san like?" The trick to this one is to think about Suzuki-san and disregard the kanji. In Japanese, すき(suki) can mean to like something. Additionally, if you plop ~ずき onto the end of X, the resulting word means a fan or enthusiast of X. Mmmm, I do like me some X. So therefore すずき can mean a fan of す, which is vinegar.


  1. ha! This is bordering oyajigyagu territory.

  2. Yeah, a lot of Japanese riddles seem to encroach on Pun-Land. Maybe that's what hooked me. =\

  3. Nice... I was going to say motorcycles. 箱の外で考えする方がいいなぁ