Sunday, March 14, 2010

Humans: III Deer: 0

Via the Japan Times:

"NARA (Kyodo) One of Nara Park's famed deer, which are designated national natural treasures, has been shot by a crossbow.

A local conservation group removed a 52-cm steel bolt from the doe, which was found Saturday, after anesthetizing it. The animal was seriously wounded, group members said, and police are investigating the incident.

Nara Park is home to about 1,000 of the deer, which are designated by law as a protected species.

It's not the first time the deer have been targeted. In 2003 a deer was shot with an arrow. Another in 2008 was hit by a harpoon."

It wasn't me, I promise.


  1. A what?? Last time it was a harpoon? I always thought Japan was safe since no one has guns, but now I'm worried someone is going to harpoon me and take my watch.

  2. Yeah, right? No guns, but there are guys running around with harpoons and crossbows.

  3. Does it make me callous if I don't feel particularly sorry for the deer? I they were my least favorite part of Nara.

  4. Haha...not at all, Elfchin. I've written in the past about how I'm not particularly fond of them, either.