Thursday, March 4, 2010

But why is she so upset?

Devil May Cry is a game that came out for the PlayStation back in 2001. It was noted for its subpar and often absurd storyline and dialogue, as well as its intensely fun and fast-paced action. The ability to juggle enemies in the air, sometimes indefinitely, is probably its most recognizable feature.


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  2. Love that series, though not liking that they've gone away from the gothic look and more into some weird rock n' roll BS. Dante's lines in the original were HILARIOUSLY BAD... but not near as bad as DMC2. The voice acting AND the lines in that one? It was hard to fight because of laughter.

    Alighieri is rolling around in his grave due to that, I'm sure. The characters, enemies, and some other things were inspired by The Divine Comedy.