Friday, November 13, 2009

School culture festivals

Edit: 11/18/09

A couple weeks ago, one of the high schools I teach at held its annual 文化祭 (bunkasai; culture festival). This event is something I never experienced in high school in America; to my knowledge, our high schools don't have anything quite like it. Students prepare for these festivals weeks in advance. Each homeroom class prepares something, be it an exhibit, a game, or a food stand of some kind. On the day of the event, the school is open to the public, so friends and family and alums (OB and OG, they call them here) come visit and partake in the festivities. Most of the students get really excited and are, of course, glad to have a couple days off from classes (usually takes at least a day beforehand to start setting stuff up). Here are some pictures:

The opening ceremony included local Hyogo celebrity, Habatan.

One homeroom made a cap art exhibit. I believe it's supposed to be Hideki Matsui of the Yankees, but I think they got his jersey number wrong.
Edit: As Shadow pointed out in the comments, it appears to be Mariners' player Suzuki Ichiro.

Here are some other things the students made.


  1. I like it. In my high school we had a culture day where kids would run booths representing different ethnic backgrounds.

  2. Actually, I think that's Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners. Hence the "Ichiro" on the back of the uniform (fun fact: Ichiro is the only player in MLB to have his first name on his uniform instead of his last)

  3. Ahhh...that makes sense. I guess they changed their minds from what I originally heard.

  4. Yeah, I see that now. Couldn't really make out the caps until you mentioned it.

  5. is Habatan the guy on the metro commuter stuff?

  6. Could be - you see pictures of him around here every now and then.