Sunday, November 1, 2009

The other part of Japan

During my stints here I've always lived in urban or suburban settings. Over the course of my travels, though, I have spent some time in the country, where the rice patties are bountiful and the air is...well, nicer than in the city. We call this mystical land "inaka" (田舎; rural countryside).

Here are a few pictures from a recent visit to a friend of mine who lives in a town near Nishi-waki (西脇).


  1. Yep. That looks like Kansai inaka alright.

  2. I like the pictures. And speaking of Halloween, three varieties of candy corn are on the way. You don't want to know how much it cost to send $3 worth of candy to Japan... It's crazy.

  3. awesome photos, makes me wish I could just get up and go there!

  4. @Sixmatts: Yup, sure is.

    @Egg: Thanks much - I appreciate it!

    @Jamaipanese: Had a look at your blog - keep up the interest, man. You'll get over here eventually, if that's your goal.