Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Japanese Men: Fueling societal problems...?

Edit: 草食系 is herbivore; 菜食系 is vegetarian.

...or a result of them, and a component of a vicious cycle? A recent NPR article, via Japan Probe:

"The sensitive New Age man has finally arrived in the land of the salaryman. But there is a catch — a particularly important one in Japan, where the declining birthrate has caused alarm: The new Japanese man doesn't appear to be interested in women or sex."

An interesting topic, to be sure. Is the (菜食系) 草食系(sōshokukei; herbivore) male the future of Japan, or a stumbling block to its future?


  1. I listened/read this article on NPR as well... I found it interesting at the end where they discussed the modern woman as scary because she is educated and a job. Lesson learned here: men are stupid and always will be :)

    haha, just kidding, but I did find the article intriguing.

  2. Heh, well...maybe not stupid, but these guys need to grow a pair. Educated and successful women can be a little intimidating, sure, but that makes them better catches. These dudes must have their samurai ancestors doing loop-de-loops in their graves.

  3. Ah~ 草食系男子のこと? I thik it's good to have them as friends. These days I do feel that Japanese men are becoming like girls, I mean metrosexual. They speak very soft, dress very well, and act like women. That makes me feel safe and relaxed, but from such situation I wonder how we feel like dating...? Women are more aggressive and stronger today, which might have make Japanese men herbivore. ^ ^;

  4. Hmmm...interesting. So the roles of men being the aggressors and women being the courted are starting to reverse you think, Kirin?