Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Noodle baths and more

The other day I was watching this weekly roundup video on YouTube and it had a piece on an, uh, interesting bathhouse in Hakone.

Apparently customers can visit the novelty bathhouse to soak in giant ramen jacuzzi tubs. Don't worry, the noodles are fake.

My curiosity piqued, I did a search and then did some rummaging around on their website. The place is called  ユネッサン (Yunessan) and it's a kind of Spa/Bathhouse mini-resort. They have indoor and outdoor areas with all kinds of different baths. I don't see the ramen bath mentioned on their website, but there are a number of other weird ones - green tea, coffee, and wine for example. And then there are a number with just plain old boring water.

Back when I was a student in Japan I went to one of these-type places; a spa with bathes, games, restaurants, and lodgings all on the premises. Didn't get to dip into any out of the ordinary substances, but it was a fun experience that I'd recommend to others, especially during the more mild months.

If you'd like to check out Yunessan's site, here it is. They have an English version, too.

Out of curiosity, has anyone heard of this place or even better yet, been there? Would love to hear about it.

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