Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little bit mayou

Since coming back to the States, my blogging activity has fallen into decline. Though this has partially been due to a focusing of my energy onto other things (job hunting, my freelancing work, other hobbies) and also to a dwindling supply of Japan-related anecdotes (I still have some, but they're buried and not being replenished), in large part it's because I've been somewhat of a 迷う人。That is, I've been wavering on what I want to do with this blog.

I've had this problem for some time now - walking the line between culture blog, language blog, and diary-type blog, and I think it's been okay. But you know, sometimes it's hard to decide where to focus my efforts. Of course this is a personal blog, so I could just post whatever I feel like on any given day, and to some extent I do. But I've also been lucky enough to attract some regular and semi-regular readers, and it's important to me to post material that's interesting to you guys and potentially helpful for anyone going to live in or visit Japan. So there is that balance. Go too heavy on the Nihongo and I risk alienating those of you who don't really care about the language or who don't read blogs for that purpose. Too many posts about video games or Japanese food and my 日本語 folk may shy away. 

So although I will still post on a variety of topics, I may make some changes in the future. Still undecided about what exactly I want to do, but you have been forewarned!

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