Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Learning from Kikkoman: Ultimate Attack

This is a pretty old video, but I just revisited it the other day to check up on how much of it I can understand now. I came across a couple of words I was unfamiliar with that I thought were pretty cool (though I'm not sure how useful) and wanted to share them.

Early on in the video, the song proclaims 「外食なんてぶっ飛ばせ」.

ぶっ飛ぶ (ぶっとぶ) apparently means to "blow away." So here Kikkoman is friggin' blowing away eating out.

The next line adds 「必殺技だキッコーパンチ」. (Later on we get 「必殺技だキッコービーム」)

You may recognize the individual kanji here:

 「」as in かならず (certainly) or 必死 (ひっし, desperate)
」as in ころす (to kill)
」as in わざ (skill or technique)

Together they form 必殺技 (ひっさつわざ), which I'd say means "ultimate attack." Rikai-kun identifies 「必殺」as "certain kill."

You probably won't see these expressions used in many places (though if you read a lot of manga or play games, who knows), but I found them interesting nonetheless.

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