Thursday, December 23, 2010

J-Word Play #14 (Answer)

This month's special riddle was:



朱肉 or お金もち (red ink or money mochi)

I suppose this was a tricky one! The riddle can have two meanings depending on how you read it. ぎんこういん can be read as 銀行員(bank staff or banker) or 銀行印(bank stamp). If read the first way, bankers like お金もち, which is a pun that can be either money mochi or rich people. If read the second way, stamps need red ink in order to be of use. It just so happens that the kanji for red ink includes the kanji for meat. Ta-da!
Unfortunately there were no winners this time around. I'll carry the prize over 'til next time, so check back in!

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