Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Witching Hour: An original composition

I've always considered myself to be somewhat artistic - I used to love to draw, I write short stories from time to time, and I've played piano on and off for years. But I've never really dedicated myself to anything...perhaps that's why I'm capable at so many things but not really outstanding at any one thing (in my mind, anyway). Well, here's another dabblance: my first original song.

Some months ago I bought this keyboard and mentioned I may upload a video or two in the future to let you know how it's going. Pretty well, I think. This short piece is called "The Witching Hour" or "真夜中". I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Hey man! I loved this! I could totally hear it being on a (good) soundtrack for a movie

  2. I'm hearing a pronounced Romantic influence (as in the movement or era, not in the modern sense of the word "romantic"). That's not really my favorite genre (I'm more into baroque myself), but that's a matter of preference.

  3. I think it would lose its haunting quality if converted to a dense baroque style. I agree - I've often found romanitc style compositions less...exciting so it's not my favorite. But I like this piece!

  4. > I think it would lose its haunting quality
    > if converted to a dense baroque style.

    Right, I didn't mean this piece should be baroque. That's clearly not the way it's geared. Not at all.

    And yeah, a baroque piece would not be expected to have a "haunting quality", as you put it. It's a totally different genre with totally different expectations and totally different goals. (Romantic music is more similar to rock, or even metal, than it is to baroque.)