Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New domain

Always wanted to own (or rent, as the case may be) one of these things. This blog can now also be accessed via www.jadij.com. [Fanfare]

Yup, today I'm toying with things a bit. Well...so this post wasn't a complete waste of your time, this just in: Japanese people love rice!


  1. Congratulations. What are you using to host the site?

  2. Thanks, Xamuel. I applied through Google, but the domain is registered with GoDaddy. Now the big pain seems to be that I can't (as far as I can tell) use my primary gmail account (ecyrus@gmail.com) to access my Google Apps panel - have to use a new email that is THROUGH gmail but uses an @jadij.com tag. Oh well.

  3. From reading the article, it seems that there's a much wider variety of different kinds of rice available in Japan than in the Midwestern US. Where I come from, when you go to the store to get rice, you generally have Hobson's choice: you either buy the rice, or you don't buy it. Kinds? There are no kinds, no brands. We have different kinds and brands of everything, including water, but not rice. There's an entire aisle devoted to different kinds of bread, but rice is rice. The store is more likely to have different brands of ice than different brands of rice. I suppose Americans might be a little more interested in rice if there were different kinds of it. I know I would.

    Look at question five, for instance: the responses identify five different types of rice by name. I didn't know there *were* five different cultivars of rice. I've only ever personally seen two kinds (regular rice and brown rice) and have heard of a third (sticky rice, which is not available here at all; even the most authentic Asian restaurants don't have it). If you'd asked me to name five kinds of rice, I'd have had to include Rice Krispies on my list, and that still only makes four.

  4. Oh, I thought of a fifth kind of rice now: Uncle Ben's. If you count that as rice. I guess it's rice. It's carby, and it's not bread or noodles or potato.

  5. Haha, Rice Krispies. Yeah, actually I thought the same thing when I saw that question - I had no idea there were so many different brands.

    I think there are many different kinds of rice in America if you look at the ethnic stuff, for example Spanish rice or rice pilaf (does that count?). But you're right, unless you go to a store like an Asian market, the variety is pretty limited.