Friday, December 3, 2010

I Return!

Well, I just got back to Japan. Unfortunately, it seems my JLPT test voucher didn't arrive while I was away...the testing center doesn't accept emails and is closed on weekends. So guess I wasted my money on that registration.

I'll be back soon with an intro to this month's Blog Matsuri, and more!

Thanks for bearing with me.

Update: Found the voucher in the trash! Was mixed in with some junk mail. 


  1. Welcome back!! Comfies on JLPT.

    What's the topic of the Matsuri? I'd love to submit this article I just wrote: The Water Method: How to Pronounce the Japanese R in Minutes. Hope it'll fit with the topic. I don't blog as much about Japan as I used to...

  2. Your JLPT test voucher didn't arrive? Is your name on the outside of your mailbox?

  3. Whoops! Went through my trash and found it mixed with some junk mail. ;)

    Xamuel - I'm liking the post! Not sure it'll fit with the topic, though you may be able to adjust it a slight bit if you like.