Friday, February 5, 2010

No FFVII Remake? QQ

There's word over at Kotaku that a FFVII remake, which some people have been anticipating, is not looking so likely given the amount of time and money such a production would cost. I just wanted to weigh in by saying: Tough doody.

Sorry if any Final Fantasy VII fans out there are offended. Actually, no, I'm not. Final Fantasy VII was a good game, and at the time I enjoyed it. But it hasn't aged well. Many people who consider it their favorite game or RPG of all time do so because it was their gateway to the realm of RPGs. I'll be the first one to admit that nostalgia can add a powerful pull to a game. I've been playing since the first one for the NES, though, and it's my personal opinion that FFVII wasn't the peak of the series. Not even close. I hate to trash a good game, but its cult-like fan base has really turned me off on it. Why should there be a remake of FFVII? There hasn't been a remake of FFIV or VI, and those two were awesome. And the crappy FFIV remake doesn't count - that had horrible voice acting and crappy FFVII-like graphics. I'm talking about a full-blown PS3 remake, which is what people have been hoping for in FFVII's case.

To anyone who doesn't follow video games and has no idea what I've been going on about, apologies. Final Fantasy VII is one topic that gets me worked up.


  1. For FFVII, it was my gateway into such games. I'd played Suikoden and whatnot, but for complete, 100% RPGS, that was it. Other than that... it's nothing stellar and looking at it now makes me cringe. Add in the unsatisfying ending and some ANNOYING ass characters and yeah.

    But I did love all the weirdness put into its production. The matching numbers, the symbolic crap EVERYWHERE. They had fun making that, they went to a lot of work, lol. A lot of work no one noticed until years later.

    But the obsessiveness and declarations that it's the "GREATEST GAME EVER" are met with the same response I give people that say that about six--"o rly? Go back and play it then." Your favorite game and the world's BEST are two different things, folks.

    (that was me above, wasn't sure if you knew my alias so just changed it, LOL)

  2. Well, you're right that one's favorite game =/= the best game ever. In response to your reaction about FFVII and VI, though - I have gone back and played reason I think it's superior to VII is the mere fact that I have gone back and played through it again. Of course
    I'm sure there's a nostalgia factor, but I also think FFVI is just a lot more well-rounded and enjoyable than VII. The graphics don't hurt my eyes, for example.

    Where's Shadow? I'd like to hear his thoughts on this..

  3. Y'know, the FFVII fanboys used to bother me, until I went back and re-played the game, and y'know what? It IS a really good RPG. Best ever? Not in my opinion, for what that's worth. I'm with you that FFVI was superior (along with Chrono Trigger and one of my all-time favorites, Earthbound).

    And yes, nolstalgia is enough of a factor to tip the scales for some* people; but what bothers me is when FFVII was considered such a great RPG because of its graphics (at the time). An RPG should be praised for story and battle mechanics, not the quality of its FMV's.

    I feel I have to stop myself here, or I'll go on for hours. Also, Earthbound is awesome. Just thought I'd add that.

    *Not me. The original Dragon Warrior was my first RPG, and I still can't stand it.

  4. I just started playing FFVII. I do think it's really good (just two hours in though), but can't say it's my favorite RPG. I am still hung up on FFXII, can't wait for XIII even though it's not supposed to be that great.

    My favorite RPG of all time is Secret of Mana on the SNES. It might be outdated now, but this game really got me into the whole RPG thing. I was delighted when Children of Mana came out. Though it really disappointed me when I actually played it and never finished it. Chrono Trigger on the other hand is brilliant. Almost through with that and loving every moment.

    So yeah, probably not a lot of people will agree with me that Secret of Mana is the best RPG, it's just my favorite. I wouldn't mind a full blown remake, but that is not going to happen. But just imagine it with the graphics the PS3 is able to produce (or even the wii) *sigh*, but till then I will just have to make to with whatever comes next in the series.

  5. @Kaba: Secret of Mana was a great game - had a lot of fun with that as a kid and actually played it last year with one of my friends. It's certainly a fine choice for your favorite RPG. Chrono Trigger is another excellent one - definitely up there in my top 10 RPGs of all time.