Saturday, February 6, 2010

The best milk ever

It's all in Japanese, but all you have to know is this - in the first commercial, the boy's cohort tells him that drinking milk will make him strong. In the second commercial, the girl's friend says that drinking milk will make her beautiful. In the third, milk seems too grant super concentration. I'd better start drinking more milk.


  1. Chalk transformer...*speechless* (o_o)

  2. All claims are true. [I love milk.]

  3. Gyuu-nyu ni soudan da!

    BTW, I'm at now.

    Hope you don't mind updating your blogroll.


  4. The one in the middle! Hahaha, the guy swimming through the paper. The last one was pretty good, too. Wow.

    Love these quirky commercials.

  5. Billy - Thanks for the update, was wondering why 7:10 hadn't been updated in a while.

    Ash - Yeah, there are a lot of good ones to go along with all the inane crap out there.