Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just another random thought 2/23/10: McFail

Right now McDonald's in Japan is running a promotion called "Big America," which entails featuring a new huge-ass burger every (I believe) couple of weeks. They're big, because Americans like big things. And burgers. Get it? Big America.

I tried to get a Texas Burger a few weeks ago, but alas they were all out...so I have decided not to buy any of the others out of spite! Anyway, the other day I was in a McDonald's eating not a sumptuous-looking Hawaiian Burger, but rather a passably good Chicken Fillet sandwich (Take that, McD!). I looked down at my tray, and noticed this:

Now this actually isn't so much of a McFail as it is someone in Marketing's McStake (Zing!), but what's with the nomenclatural inconsistency? Texas Burger, New York Burger, Hawaiian Burger, and California Burger. Why not Hawaii Burger? Nit-picky? Maybe. But I get paid to teach people stuff like why it's more correct to say "the opportunity to do something" than "the opportunity of doing something." Man, someday I'm gonna miss this job.

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