Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A pleasant morning surprise...

So I get up this morning, go through my usual routine, and then head out to jump on my bike. I'm just about to turn the corner around the building and hop on, when I come face-to-face with this.

My first thought, after my heart slid down my throat and back into my chest cavity, was "Holy $%&^ that's a big, creepy spider!" And, as you can see, it was blocking my bike. Unbe-friggin-lievable. This thing wasn't here yesterday. Must have been some night.

Anyway, I grabbed a rock and tore down half its web, careful not to get closer than I had to to the infernal arachnid. Incidentally, when I came home today, all that remained was a pile of weeds on the ground. The landscaper or whoever must have come by for his yearly destruction of the jungle that is the building's little front yard. Good timing...hopefully the spider won't be back, but I will remain vigilant. Man, I hate these things. Not as much as I hate deer, though.


  1. Pictures like that make me feel being close to nature is overrated.

  2. Okay, so...if you had to choose between having 5 of these bad boys (girls?) in your house somewhere, or one Nara-esque deer, which would it be? And no, you cannot kill either species.

  3. Hmmm...I think I would choose the deer, because I could herd him into my spare room and keep him there. And then only let him out for parties (assuming the starvation didn't kill him).

  4. Let me tell ya something, Paulie -- those oversized sheets of looseleaf paper the Japanese call "doors" aren't going to hold a hungry deer once he gets a whiff of your dinner wafting from the kitchen. Plan B -- shave him, tame him, then put a saddle on the fella and ride him around town, so you don't need to go near your spider-infested bike ever again.