Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kinda Cool Commercial

Don't be too quick to judge...though the kid could have saved a lot of time and concern if he had just explained what he was doing...


  1. wow. i expecting something a lil more epic haha

  2. That's a cool commercial but that kid's whale wasn't very good. I could draw a smaller but infinitely better whale.

  3.'re both right.

    Although Joe, "infinitely better" is a whole lot of better. I hope you can back that up if someone takes you to task one of these days.

  4. Here's the proof:

    My whale = X
    His whale = Y

    First we must accept the obvious that my whale is better:

    X > Y

    X * Infinity > Y * Infinity


    X = Infinitely better

    In conclusion I have no idea how math works.

  5. Math! And that kids whale did suck. Plus he wasted a whole lot of the black crayons and those are hard to come by.