Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Another Manga Monday #1

The turn of a new year is a good time for reflection. Looking at things here at JADJ, I realize that we're severely lacking on manga and anime-related content. While I'm not a huge fan of the stuff myself, I do acknowledge that there is some good stuff out there, and it can be a tool for learning. Thusly, I've asked my dearest sister, who happens to be a big manga fan, to write a periodic few words on some choice titles that she recommends. And while it's no longer Monday here in Japan as of this posting, it remains the titular time in some parts of the world. The title stands!

My onii-chan asked me to blog a little about manga. Easy enough, since I have so much. I figured I'd start with my favorite- From Far Away (彼方から).

This series is categorized as fantasy shojo (for girls), but I would have to disagree. Usually when you read shojo you get weird sappy stories taking place in a high school starring a teenager who has some quirk like a person on their hand (Midori Days) or a gender change (Ranma 1/2). From Far Away certainly falls into the fantasy genre, but I believe has elements that would appeal to guys as well. True, there is an underlying theme of romance, but there is also much about war, battles and culture.
To set the scene, our heroine Noriko is transported from Japan to a magical world as 'The Awakening'. The Awakening can be used to control the Sky Demon (an evil and powerful force) and therefore every kingdom and evil dude is searching for her. A young warrior named Izark, who just so happens to be the human reincarnation of the Sky Demon, saves her from danger, unaware of her identity. The series develops these characters in an interesting way, showing their relationship change as Noriko learns the foreign language and customs.

If you find yourself interested in science fiction and are looking to read a series that focuses on war tactics in addition to character development, you will enjoy From Far Away.


  1. That looks interesting. How many books in the series? Is the series already complete or still ongoing?

  2. According to Wikipedia, the series ran until 2003, Egg.

  3. I got them years after that. Bookstores often like to rerelease an older series one volume at a time to gain interest. Worked on me!

  4. Yeah, and it probably takes time for the Japanese version to be translated and localized, and for someone to form distribution contracts.