Friday, January 14, 2011


My experiences with my co-workers over the past two and half years have probably been pretty representative of most people's. There are people I've worked with who I haven't been so fond of, and then there have been those who I've really enjoyed spending time with.

There's this one English teacher at my part-time school who's self-given nickname is Ben, though no one ever really calls him that. He looks to be in his late thirties, but I found out recently that he's the oldest teacher in the department at that school, meaning he's at least in his late fifties. Ben-sensei is probably the most laid back teacher I've met, and he says the damnedest things sometimes. 

Yesterday Maia (the other ALT) and I were sitting at our desks, talking about something of no particular importance, when Ben-sensei turns around (his desk is the row behind ours) and says to us "that bitch is creamy." We laughed and tried to set him straight. "You mean crazy?" He chuckled but didn't answer. For some reason he busted out his new catchphrase twice more that day, but without our correction or explanation. 

I'm still confused as to what a creamy bitch is.


  1. Sounds kind of...sexual.

  2. There should be a show called "English Teachers Say the Darnest Things". (Copy write me)

  3. Haha...believe it or not, that's what I almost titled this post.

  4. That's classic. I could use a Ben-sensei. Another ALT to shoot the shit with sounds nice too.