Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hello hello. Welcome to JADJ. Hm...that's not quite as catchy as I'd hoped.

Let me start off by explaining a little bit about why I'm creating this blog. Essentially, this is why.
Japan conjures up different images and impressions depending on who you ask. Maybe it's video games, anime, sushi, beautiful ladies in kimonos, or pervs copping feels and reading porn on the subway. Yeah, Japan is all these things and more. And less. Yeah, they eat fish and rice in Japan; just as we eat bread in America. Is that all we eat? No.

For many people, Japan is an exotic and mysterious land, perhaps even magical. Those bold and lucky few who set out from their homelands to visit the land of the rising sun are an adventerous bunch, aren't they? They must be having crazy adventures every day. Because...because they're in Japan!

Well, yes and no. Japan truly is a unique and interesting place to live. It is a place that values harmony, perhaps above all else, and that is the image they try to sell. But when you look past the surface, this place is a circus. I want to share that with you.

That said, I'm going to contradict myself: Japan is a normal place. Not every day is an adventure; at least not from my vantage point. Things could be different for those who speak no Japanese, have little international experience, or who go out daily seeking their fortunes. What I'm going to relate here is Japan from my point of view. This is Japan as I see it. But feel free to apply your own filter and draw your own conclusions.

I hope this blog will become a place for those who are curious about life in Japan and perhaps a resource for those who seek to follow the path of the expat and live over here.

I encourage comments and questions. Look for more in the coming days. Thank you!


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