Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Capitalism at work

When there's a servicable market in which demand exceeds supply, supply will increase to meet demand - it's basic economics. Where there's money to be made, someone will be there. Now I'm trying not to be too critical here - every society has its problems, America being far from the exception - but it seems that in Japan there is a great amount of loneliness, which is driving a demand for companionship. Some fill this void with anime idols or what-have-you, but many choose to attend host or hostess bars. These are establishments of varying degress of quality where one may go to pay for the company of (ideally young and attractive) young men or women.

On the lower end of the scale are places called "Snacks," which, despite their name, don't really have snacks. You can get dried squid or something, but for the most part you pay to drink while talking to some middle-aged woman, with some @$$*#& singing karaoke two feet away from you.

The middle and upper-end versions of Snacks (usually just called host or hostess clubs) cost increasingly more to attend, but the youth and beauty of the women keeping you company increase as well. Working at such a place is quite a lucrative (and competitive) job, I've heard. And with the recession and current decline in the amount of available jobs, such employment is very attractive for some, it would seem.

Hmm...you know, teachers aren't exactly rich here, and foreigners are quite popular. I wonder if...


  1. Upwards of $100,000 a year just to hang out and have conversations with Japanese women? I'm sure even that wacky religion of yours would be okay with that. What are you waiting for? What am I waiting for??

  2. Heh heh...mostly waiting for the Japanese fluency to seep in.