Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Curry udon and green tea

When you return home after living abroad, there are things that you miss right away. Then there are the things that you may not realize that you miss; the sentiment has to sink in, like silt eventually forming little salty, tear-flavored deposits of emotional residue after journeying long enough through your veins. Where this residue ultimately comes to rest I have not yet worked out in the metaphor.

One thing I've been especially missing recently (only two or three years after leaving Japan) is an udon fast food chain that's quite widespread in Kansai (or at least Hyogo) - Nakau (なか卯) - a venue I've chronicled about before.

I'm jonesing for two items in particular - cheap curry udon, which if memory serves you can get for about 500 yen, or ~$5, and the complimentary cold green tea that would come with it. Try getting free green tea around here. Heck, try getting unsweetened cold green tea around here.

Thank you, Wikimedia Commons, for the eerily specific image of curry udon and green tea at Nakau.

There's also the matter of the song. Lots of stores have catchy little jingles that play at regular intervals inside so that customers will never forget. Yodobashi Camera has a good one. Nakau likewise has one that will be forever seared into my mind. And every time I think of curry udon, it plays.

いいね indeed, sir.

Tis even worthy of idolsong.

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