Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reading English in Japanese, Apples and Sex

One Japanese news site I like to read on occasion, despite its reporting being suspect at times, is Netallica. Netallica is an offshoot site of Yahoo! Japan, that does blog-like reporting on off-beat or pop culture-related news. One nice thing about it is that it'll often cite studies or reports from other countries. In those cases, it becomes relatively easy to do a Google search afterwards to try and find the original article, or else an English website's report on the story, if you had some trouble understanding what the Japanese article was talking about.

That's one reason why I like browsing the Japanese version of Reuters or other English news sources - if you're already familiar with the story or topic, it becomes a lot easier to grasp the Japanese and pick up new words and terms.

I was just thinking about this after clicking on an interesting looking headline on Netallica: 毎日りんごを食べている女性はセックスでも感じやすい」との調査結果, which looked to be reporting on the results of a study showing that women who eat apples every day have more enjoyable sex (whaaa?).

Incidentally, it turns out the study was conducted in Italy (so I guess this probably would have originally been reported in Italian, not English), and found that apparently apples contain a flavonoid similar to a female sex hormone that...helps...things. Good to know. Oh look - an English article about it in the Daily Mail!


  1. I always think I won't bother with anything Japanese (language or otherwise) after going back home, but then I get to feeling a little wistful and start tweeting in Japanese, or reading Japanese online news... Good on you for keeping up with it.

  2. Thanks, Billy. Personally as far back as I remember I wanted to become fluent in a second just trying to make sure that doesn't slip away!