Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bring a phone or buy in Japan?

A soon to depart JET left a comment the other day asking my opinion on what to do about a phone in J-Land. Hereshigoes writes:

Hmm. Very interesting. 

Question for you though: with all this knowledge and your experience in Japan, do you recommend just getting a Japanese phone there when expecting to be there for a year OR [drumroll] unlocking your U.S. phone for like Docomo or something? 
I've heard SO many yes and no's but I am not sure who or what to believe so I don't know what to do. Its annoying. 


I replied to her comment, but for a more complete answer I've written up a guest post over at the JETAADC blog. Have a look if you're interested!


  1. Or just run it on wireless mode with a pocket wifi. Seen that done lots. I mean, who actually talks on a phone anymore? If one does, VoIP.

  2. True, VoIP is a viable alternative. With a smartphone, one could use that for Facebook or Line or whatever else as text substitutes. Do you know what a pocket wifi would cost, if you're talking one or two years?