Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Crying Hyogoite Politician

Rocket News 24 reports on a recent press conference of note:

"A Japanese politician who claimed over 3 million yen (around US$30,000) in travel expenses without providing any supporting evidence has defended his actions in a dramatic and emotional display. Speaking to reporters at the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly on Tuesday, Ryutaro Nonomura cried loudly as he insisted that he had genuinely made all the trips claimed for, and that the travel was for work purposes."

Read the whole story here.

It's usually nice to see my Japanese "hometown" in the news, but this guy isn't anything to be proud of. Corrupt and incompetent politicians spawn everywhere, like insects, but come least have a little dignity when you're caught in a scandal. Either lie like a pro or resign, or both; don't cry about it. I guess he's hoping that if he is appears remorseful enough, the voters will forget about this and keep him around. And you know, he might be right.

What a shameful display.