Thursday, June 30, 2011

Advice for my successor #7 OR a rant about moving

Don't get attached to "stuff." When you move home (chances are you will, though it isn't certain), it's going to be a big pain and quite expensive to move all your stuff.

My keyboard has been giving me headaches and I still haven't successfully sent it to the States. We'll see if I do, and I bet you it won't be cheap.

I just sent a package home with five scarfs and a hat. It weighed about 1 kilogram. I asked for the cheapest shipping, and it cost me about 2,000 yen. I'm going to have to be really picky about what I send home.

There's a service offered by JP Post to send printed materials like books overseas in a large sack for a relatively cheap rate. I did this once before in Tokyo and it was no problem. Apparently, however, this service is not offered at all post offices. In fact, it turns out only two post offices in this whole prefecture do. So now I have to find time (and help) to lug all my books to this post office in another city. Hope it's near a train station.

Don't get attached to stuff.

(This was meant for yesterday before Blogger crapped out).

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