Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanks and things to come

First off, I'd like to take a page from Chris' book and say "thank you" to everyone who has been commenting. He and I have very different styles and tend to disagree on a great many things, but I think we both hold similar "blogging values."

"They" say that in blogging, content is king and consistency pays off. That's certainly true to an extent. The longer you stay in the game, the more readers you'll attract over time. More than the numbers, though, I really appreciate the quality of the readers that have been coming here. I've said it before - I aim to achieve a certain sense of community here, and it's quite rewarding to see the thoughtful comments and links that some of you have been leaving.

So thank you, especially for the awesome interaction you commenters have been providing. I hope our content here has been and continues to be worth coming back for.

On that note, a few words about the blog and my life at the moment. Though I've been trying to keep up the pace, it's been a little difficult recently. I have less than two months left in Japan. Not sure if I mentioned it, but I'll be returning home near the end of July. I will be keeping up with the blog after returning home, as a lot of my content is independent of actually being in the country at the time of writing. And Joe will still be in Japan, so we'll have a man in the field, so to speak.

Anyhow, I was in Okinawa this weekend and I'll be posting some thoughts about that trip this week. Additionally had a welcome blogging-related surprise that I'll write about sometime soon.

In the meantime, please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see or read about that I can work on while I'm still here. This goes double for those of you who normally don't comment! Someone told me a while ago that she's interested to hear a bit about life in Osaka as compared to Tokyo; that's something that I haven't forgotten and have been thinking about how best to approach it. Let me know!

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