Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friendship Friday: Daily Bento

This week's FF features a website (blog?) called Daily Bento.


From Daily Bento's About section:

Daily Bento – A bento is a traditional Japanese lunch box that the majority of Japanese people will bring to their schools or companies. These convenient and tasty bento boxes can also be found in convenience stores throughout Japan. We all need our daily fill of whatever it is we need whether it’s watching our favorite TV show, having our daily coffee, etc. We want to fill your daily bento need which can vary from news, recent electronics, culture, entertainment, new products, and anything random to entertain YOU. We hope you’ll join us!

Why I like it

Daily Bento is good for little amusing tidbits and bite-sized entertainment. With few exceptions, DB doesn't post essays or long articles. It's mostly a collection of amusing pictures and videos, often (but not always) related to Japan.

Honestly I don't know much about DB. I'm not sure if it's run by one person or a group. Comments seem infrequent and there isn't really much of a community as far as I can tell. Still, it has its purpose and is a nice place to kill a few minutes and maybe have a chuckle, especially if you've never been there before.

So once again, please feel free to check out Daily Bento.


  1. That cat needs a diet. It's heart doesnt grom with it's excessive body so it's hard to breathe ...needs a diet 4 real!!

  2. Yup, just like people. Carrying around too much weight is dangerous. Thanks for the comment, Chris!

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog's link! The pictures there are so witty. Now I know where to look for my daily dosage of humor

  4. Neat site! I particularly like the Snow Valkyrie.

  5. Thanks for commenting, FT! Glad you like it!

  6. Rene - thanks for the comment! Yeah, I usually just have a quick look in my reader and often there's a funny pic or something from DB.

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