Sunday, October 17, 2010

Foiled again!

Man, iTunes is a pain. So yesterday I went to Costco to snag some iTunes giftcards as prizes for the contest(s) I'd like to get rolling. Unfortunately, they only had 3000 yen cards, which is a little more than I want to be giving away in one lump sum at the moment. Well, got it anyway. Long story short, apparently you can't use a giftcard to buy a giftcard, so I can't use it to buy smaller ones to give as prizes. Lame.

I suppose I'll have to fish around for some smaller cards. Maybe I'll check out the Apple store in Osaka one of these days...


  1. Why give out gift cards? Better to just give out straight cash. Most people who get gift cards will never use them. You may as well just donate the money to Apple (who hardly needs the donation).

  2. If you won an iTunes gift card, you wouldn't use it?

    Well, I'm trying to think of "simple" prizes. I think it's a lot more appealing to give someone a gift card than mailing them yen (aside from the fact that mailing cash is a bad idea, the winner may not even live in Japan).