Monday, September 20, 2010


About 50 minutes ago I was in class, and right now the students are doing group project that involve them researching and presenting about foreign holidays. One group forgot to bring any research to class and so couldn't prepare. I ran downstairs to print out some information for them to use just during that period.

I noticed that a part of my slipper was coming off, so when I got to my desk I pulled out some scissors and hastily sliced it off. I also hastily sliced into my pinkie. The blood, it welled! I grabbed some tissues and compressed. After a couple minutes the bleeding slowed but wouldn't stop. Go to the nurse's room or go back to class? A teacher can't ditch class early! Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail, right? So I ran back to class, leaving some bloody tissues in the garbage. It was kind of cool - looked like one of those scenes where someone is fleeing the law and gets wounded, so they find refuge someplace and patch themselves up, and by the time the cops get there all they find are some bloody bandages.

Anyway, continued the last 30 minutes of class and then went to get patched up. Took like 5 minutes of pressure for the damn thing to stop leaking.

(Oh, and I wasn't able to print out info for the kids. I tried, but the printer was being an a**hole and telling me there was no paper when there totally was).


  1. That made me cringe. Maybe you should remove the slipper from your foot next time you decide to chop part of it off :P