Tuesday, September 7, 2010


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That's なつかしい in the heading, meaning "nostalgic."

The "Recommended for You" section of my YouTube page recently suggested a piece from Katamari Damacy, an odd gem of a game released back in 2004. Actually, our own resident Shadow gave it to me as a gift. I believe it sat unopened for a few weeks (sorry, man) before I decided to give it a whirl, and boy was I glad I did.

Katamari Damacy is a, quite simply, a game that involves rolling up things into a ball. It's kind of like those games where you start off as a germ or a little fish, and as you eat more you get bigger and can eat bigger things. Except in this game you roll of things so you can roll up bigger things. And man, the things you can roll: coins, food, animals, people, eventually buildings, clouds, continents, worlds...I know it sounds strange, and it is. But it is damn fun.

And the soundtrack really floored me. Weird, like the gameplay, but also well-done and very catchy. In fact, I just hunted it down and bought it on Amazon Japan. Wow, what a consumer whore I am. I am a product of my environment! Damn you, YouTube!


  1. I love this game!!!!! ^_^ And I love the sequel (We Love Katamari) even more! I wish I had a katamari in real life. I'd roll everybody up and finally there'd be world peace ;)

    Here's the article I wrote on the game (kind of more of a new-agey slant than yours though): The Katamari Damacy Model of Growth

    ...Come on, Firefox spellchecker, "katamari" is *not* a misspelling and you know it X_X

  2. Yeah man, I've only played two of the games in the series myself, but they were both excellent. I think there are 5 or 6 of them now?

    By the way, are comments disabled on your blog? Can't seem to leave any.

  3. My blog posts each have a link at the bottom to the forum. Click the link and it'll auto-redirect to the thread for that post, if one exists.

    But yeah, the forums aren't as lively as I'd hoped, and I'm thinking of returning to conventional comments...

  4. Hey Paul, speaking of music, I stumbled upon this, and I thought you'd like it:


    Kinda neat, especially towards the end. There's an acoustic version, too.