Thursday, June 17, 2010

The color(s) of Hell

Last month Yoshie and I took a drive to Beppu in Oita (大分県), home to some colorful hot springs, lovingly referred to as "the nine hells of Beppu." We arrived a bit late in the day, so we didn't have time to see all the hells, but we had a good time anyhow. The springs in this area are all colored, due to natural mineral deposits. None of the ones we saw are used for bathing, but one had some eggs in it.

Yoshie and the Pond of Blood Hell. Looked more like steaming Tang.

The Sea Hell, fiendishly boiling eggs.

It was quite a nice trip. On the way back we stopped at some kind of, uh...leg sauna? And we ran into Frederic and his lovely friend (wife, girlfriend?). Always interesting to run into fellow foreigners in the middle of nowhere.


  1. We spent a nice time=)
    I was fun=)

  2. Aha! You're 1518. Konnichiha!

  3. Did you drive to Beppu... from where?
    from Itami??? てな事はないでしょう。I once took a overnight ferry from Kobe to Ohita.