Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I heart food

Just picked up this delicious-looking specimen at the store. A day old + foreign origin = big discount.

For those of you not impressed by slabs of animal flesh, here's a large lump of juicy plant matter that I intend on eating this week. Feast your eyes upon the almighty Starburst Pomelo - a pomelo-ruby grapefruit hybrid.

Picked up two of these badboys at Costco the other day and I look forward to gorging.

This thing is as big as my freakin' head.


  1. From my days regulating agricultural imports at a port of entry, I often (though not always, of course) observed "big fruit, little people." You bring me back. That's one impressive pomelo. As for the meat, in relation to the fruit - what the hell? That looks like more than one meal!

  2. As a lover of ruby red grapefruits, I must look up this mystical fruit! Or I'll just run over to Japan and pick one up.

  3. You can find them in the US. Um, I forgot to mention that sometimes the peel is very... robust, and the amount of edible fruit unexpectedly less. Paul, you'll have to report back.

  4. I think I'll try one tonight and make a report.

    @Shadow - I think these are supposed to be a lot less bitter than grapefruits, but we'll see.