Thursday, February 27, 2014

Friendship Friday: What Japan

Wow, I haven't done one of these in a while. Time to remedy that, I suppose.

Today I'd like to introduce a Facebook page that was recently started by a friend and former student of mine. Actually she was one of my best students and was already pretty fluent in English when I met her. Now she's working to further her career as a translator, and she created this page, WHAT JAPAN, to inform about Japan (and to keep up her English, I wager).

Despite being relatively new, WJ already has a good variety of posts and some very interesting links, including a story about a "sake arcade" in Nigata and a list of kanji that Japanese elementary school students learn.

She also posts some amusing anecdotes and cute pictures.

Another attractive element is that she will reply to comments in Japanese if you'd like to give it a go - a great opportunity if you don't have any chances to use your nihongo and would like to practice.

On a personal note, although I can't really claim any part in how good her English is or how she's improved over the years, it's always deeply satisfying to see a (former) student grow and succeed.

In conclusion, if you're rocking them facebooks, definitely check it out. If not...well. 残念, I guess.


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