Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cooking it up

So my 上司 (supervisor) went back to Japan for the holidays. He's a pretty generous guy and always brings me back a bunch of お土産 (souvenirs). This time he got me some cooking magazines that I told him I used to buy occasionally when I lived over there. Considering my Cookpad venture, 'tis appropriate.

I've been trying to cook more these days, and the Japanese influence is usually there. One recipe that caught my eye yesterday as I was skimming through was a 卵のしょうが焼き - "ginger fried eggs." It was pretty simple to make and is definitely a welcome addition to my expanding file of "things you can do with eggs." On top of shredded cabbage (or in this case lettuce), it was a different take on fried eggs that surprised me with how well the flavors went together.

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