Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthday presents

Wow, has it really been so long since I posted? I guess things got away from me.

Last week I accepted a new job, which I want talk about in a little more detail in a post to come. That whole process was taking a lot of energy (and some time), so I suppose that's one reason why I've been dallying here.

I also got a package from Yoshie with belated Valentine's/birthday gifts. And she said she held some stuff back for when I visit in April. Yay for stuff! I haven't heard of either of the movies she sent me, but I will gladly watch them. Not so easy to find Japanese movies over here...

I have yet to actually read through a full Japanese book since completing Harry Potter two or three years ago, but this one stands a good chance of being devoured. Getting into Game Center CX has made given me quite a few wow, am I an adult child? moments. I mean, not only just liking video games, but liking watching a grown man play them in TV show format? Believe me, I am somewhat self aware. And I had another moment of self awareness upon opening this book and thinking "Thank God, pictures!" Not that it's a picture book, mind you. It has words, I assure you. Words a plenty. But reading through pages and pages and pages of straight text in a foreign language can be a tedious exercise for those who are not yet fully conditioned. I am still such a one.

But in conclusion, I have a wonderful girlfriend who not only accepts, but fuels my fascination with video games and with this TV show (so long as I don't become a hikimori). Life is good.

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