Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Keyboard Saga

You may or may not have noted a few stray posts about trying to send my keyboard home. Well, with much help from Yoshie, I was able to pack it up in bubble wrap inside of a soft case and lug it over to the post office across the street. And man was it a pain, weighing 29 kg and no usable handles on the case. It cost about 39,000 34,000 yen to send back...steep, almost what I originally paid for it. But considering this model costs $800 in the States and this was my cheapest option, I suppose it was acceptable. I hope it survives the trip, but at least the 40,000 of insurance barely cost anything.

Closing thought: If the keyboard doesn't make the trip, do I get back the 40,000 plus the cost of shipping or just the 40,000? If the latter, then I would have been better off just leaving it here.

Edit: Sorry, somehow mis-remembered the shipping price. Corrected.

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