Saturday, August 28, 2010

That's Life

Man. I have always intended to update this thing as close to daily as possible, but things have really gotten away from me this month. Yoshie visited for a couple weeks, I visited Saga after that, and then this past week was crazy with work. Sometimes we prefectural ALTs are asked to go on "business trips" for other schools, which usually means getting up early to go somewhere far away. Now I generally don't mind doing these things, as the students often are either of a higher ability level than my own and/or are at these special seminars or workshops voluntarily and so have good attitudes and are fun to teach. But 4 trips in 5 days is draining, especially when you have to get up an hour earlier than usual.

Anyway, now that's behind me. I'll do my best to clear out the cobwebs and get things back to the normal pace here. I've been wanting to invest more time writing about Japanese study, but the "Let's Enjoy Japanese" series is so here and there that I'm not quite sure if I should start a new one or what...I'll  give it some more thought.

Views this month have been low, which is understandable considering there haven't really been many updates, but please don't stop coming by! More to come, I promise.


  1. It's only a blog, enjoy your life. Besides, if you aren't out doing things, what will you write about?