Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back home

I'll be returning to the States for a few days from tomorrow to attend my sister's college graduation. If I have time, energy, and internet access, I'll try to post an update or two before I get back. If not, I'll be back with you in about a week.


  1. oh... I've missed your posts for the last couple of days. Which state (city) are you flying to? (if you don't mind) Do you have a direct flight from Kanku-u to where you want to land? Have a good trip!

  2. yo maaaan, stateside, that's what's up! i haven't read your blog in a few days, but i'm back on the east coast for a bit too. happy graduation to julie and i hope you travel safe!

  3. Taeko - Sorry for the late reply! I flew in to Baltimore, but spent half the trip in Connecticut. I didn't fly direct - took Itami to Narita to Chicago to Baltimore. Thanks, I did have a good trip! =)

    Andrea - Hope your trip is/was good, as well!